George Orwell 1984 Summary

Part One – Thoughtcrime

1984 Chapter Two – The Spies



Part One – Thoughtcrime: Chapter Two – The Spies

Why does Mrs Parsons ask Winston to repair her kitchen sink for her?

Mrs Parsons asks Winston to repair her kitchen sink for her because otherwise she would have to get the Party to agree to the repairs, which would take much longer.


What details are given about the character of Tom Parsons?

Tom Parsons, a co-worker of Winston’s at the Ministry of Truth, is described as fat but active and stupid but enthusiastic. He is also described as ‘a follower with no mind of his own’ and as having been keen a member of the Young People’s League and the Spies.


What is an unexpected form of children’s entertainment in the world in which ‘1984’ is set?

Surprisingly watching the execution by hanging of Eurasian prisoners is a popular form of entertainment for children in the world in which ‘1984’ is set, 

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