George Orwell 1984 Summary

Part Three – Inside Winston Smith’s Head:

1984  Chapter Eleven – The Last Man



Part Three – Inside Winston Smith’s Head: Chapter Eleven – The Last Man

What does O’Brien reveal about ‘Goldstein’s book’?

O’Brien reveals to Winston that ‘Goldstein’s book’ is not actually Goldstein’s book at all, informing Winston that, instead, it was written by him and a number of others.



According to O’Brien, what kind of world is the Party trying to build?

O’Brien states that the Party is attempting to build ‘a world of fear and suffering and hate’, destroying everything else such as ‘love’ and ‘pleasure’.



What does O’Brien mean when he tells Winston ‘you are the last man’?

When he tells Winston that he is ‘the last man’, O’Brien means that Winston is the only person left alive who thinks that the Party does not and cannot control ‘life’ or ‘the way people are’.



What does O’Brien use Winston’s teeth to assert?

O’Brien uses that fact that, after his torture, Winston has many fewer teeth than before he was brought to the Ministry of Love to show Winston how he is falling apart and now barely human.



Whom does O’Brien blame for Winston’s old and grizzled appearance?

O’Brien blames Winston for the fact that he now looks old and grizzled: he says that it was not him who inflicted it on Winston, but Winston himself by ceasing to obey the Party.

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