A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter One (A Tale of Two Cities)


1) What was the poorest part of Paris?

St Antoine

2) When a barrel of wine fell from a cart and the contents emptied on the road, what did one man use the wine to write on the wall?


3) Why had Lucie Manette come to see Monsieur Defarge?

Defarge had been the servant of Lucie’s father, Dr Mannette, before he had been sent to prison. Dr Manette had finally been set free and was staying with Defarge. Lucie was now in Paris to take her father home.

4) Why did Defarge keep Dr. Manette locked in his room?

Dr Manette had spent so much time in prison, that he became scared if his door was not locked.


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