A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Six (A Tale of Two Cities)


15) Why was the Marquis of Evremonde so angry when he left the King of France?

The King of France had refused to listen to him and he had been treated coldly.

16) Why did Defarge tell the father of the child who was hit by the carriage transporting the Marquis, that he should be grateful that the child was dead?

The death was quick and painless, and given the misery of their lives, it was probably better to be dead than alive.

17) Why did Defarge not take the gold coin thrown to him by the Marquis, but rather throw it back at him?

The Marquis was a cruel man, who seemed to take delight in the pain and misery he witnessed, and directly and indirectly helped to cause.

18) What did the road mender tell the Marquis that he had seen under his carriage?

A man clinging to a chain. He was covered in dust and looked like a ghost and jumped down when the carriage slowed down.

19) What had the Marquis asked the King of France for permission to do?

To have Charles Darnay, his nephew, locked up in the Bastille.

20) How did the Marquis die?

He was found with a dagger in his chest. Round the handle of the knife there was a piece of paper which read “Drive him fast to his grave. This, from Jacques.”

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