A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Nine (A Tale of Two Cities)


23) What did Sydney Carton come to tell Lucie.

That he loved her, and that she had made him a better person but that he feared that she could never love him and that if she did, he would only drag her down with him.

24) How had Gaspard, the father of the child killed in the road, been executed for murdering the Marquis?

He had been hanged from a set of 40ft gallows and his body left dangling from the end of the rope.

25) What does Madame Defarge do as she sits knitting?

She is memorising the names of everyone who is to be executed in the revolution. She ‘knits them into her memory’.

26) Why does Monsieur Defarge hope that Charles Darnay, the Marquis’ nephew, never comes to France?

A spy had told him that Lucie is marrying Charles Darnay. Yet as a member of the Evremonde family, he is on the death list.

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