Animal Farm by George Orwell Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Four

1. 27 As the summer went on, news of Animal Farm began to spread across England. How did Napoleon and Snowball try to further spread news of their rebellion? Napoleon and Snowball sent out pigeons who were instructed to spread news of the rebellion among the inhabitants of other farms.
2. 27 Since being physically turned out of his farm, how had Mr Jones spent the majority of his time? Since being kicked out of Animal Farm, Mr Jones had spent the majority of his time in a local pub called the Red Lion, located in near-by Willingdon. Here he spent his days complaining to all those he met, lamenting what had happened to his farm
3. 27-28 What were the names of the farms on either side of Animal Farm and what was their relationship with each other and how did they feel about the rebellion? The two farms which neighboured Animal Farm were called Foxwood and Pinchfield. These two farms differed from each other dramatically and their respective owners adamantly disliked each other. Perhaps the one thing that they agreed on was the danger posed by the revolution in Animal Farm. They tried to keep news of the rebellion from their own animals and, when it was discussed, they spread news of discontentment among the animals of the liberated farm.
4. 29 As summer turned to Winter, the animals were alarmed to receive reports of Mr Jones, his men, and a dozen others from the neighbouring farms heading towards them with the intention of recapturing Animal Farm. The animals had expected such a move and, with Snowball taking the lead, the animals were ready to fight against the humans. How had Snowball learned about warfare and developed his defence strategy? Snowball had developed his defence strategy by reading a book about Julius Caesar’s military campaigns which he had found in the farmhouse.
5. 30 Under Snowball’s direction, the animals sprang a coordinated attack. The battle was fierce but the animals were victorious. During the battle, one sheep was shot and a farmhand from Foxwood was severely wounded. How did these events occur? During the battle there were two main injuries. The first was a sheep who was shot dead by Mr Jones. The second was a young farmhand from Foxwood who was struck by Boxer and was thought to have been killed. However it was later discovered that the boy had just been stunned and knocked unconscious.
6. 31 After their victory, the animals noted in alarm that Mollie was missing. Fearing that she had been harmed or kidnapped, the animals began searching for her. Where was she discovered and why was she there? Mollie was discovered hiding in her manger with her head buried in the hay. After hearing Mr Jones firing his gun, she bolted and took up her hiding place.
7. 32 After the battle, the animals began celebrating their victory and commemorating the dead. After awarding honours to Snowball and Boxer, who were awarded the newly created honour of ‘Animal hero, first class’ and the dead sheep, who was awarded ‘Animal Hero, Second class’, the animals settled on a name for the battle. What was this? The animals decided to name their victory ‘The Battle of the Cowshed’.
8. 32 The animals discovered Mr Jones’s gun lying in the mud. The animals decided that the gun would be kept by the flagstaff and fired twice a year. On what two occasions was this gun to be fired? The animals decided that Mr Jones’s gun should be fired twice a year to mark the two most important anniversaries of Animal Farm: The anniversary of the rebellion and the anniversary of ‘The Battle of the Cowshed.

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