Animal Farm by George Orwell Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Ten

1 92 After many years, the majority of the animals who could remember the rebellion had died. Even Mr Jones had died. Where did Mr Jones die? Mr Jones died in an inebriates’ home.
2 92 One of the few animals to still be alive was Clover. How old was she? We are told that Clover was two years passed retirement. As she was a horse, this would make her fourteen.
3 92 How many animals had retired when they reached their allotted age? None. No animal on Animal Farm had been allowed to retire no matter how long they lived.
4 93 Whilst the animals had successfully completed the windmill, and started work on a second, it had not been used to deliver the luxuries which Snowball had once promised. Instead these luxuries were denounced by Napoleon as against the principles of Animalism. Where, according to Napoleon, could true happiness be found? According to Napoleon, ‘the truest happiness…lay in working hard and living frugally’.
5 94-95 Whilst the farm as a whole seemed to be growing in wealth, the lives of the individual animals did not improve with the apparent exception of the pigs and the dogs. Yet all of the animals were still filled with pride to live in Animal Farm. Why was this? Even though their lives hadn’t seemed to change materially very much, the animals were all very proud to be a part of Animal Farm because it was still the only farm in existence which was run by the animals and not by humans.
7 95 One day, during the heat of the Summer, Squealer led a group of sheep to a remote part of the farm where he kept them for a number of days. What did he say he was doing with the sheep for which he needed privacy? Squealer told the animals that he needed to keep the sheep in seclusion whilst he taught them a new song.
8. 96 It wasn’t long after the sheep rejoined the other animals that Clover saw something which made her neigh in horror and surprise. What did Clover see which caused her to have this reaction? The thing which caused Clover to neigh in surprise and horror was the sight of Squealer walking on two legs.
9. 96-97 Soon the animals saw every pig who lived in Animal Farm walking on their hind legs only. Just as the animals were about to voice dissent, the sheep burst into a new song. What were the lyrics to this new song? The sheep burst into the new song which Squealer had taught them: ‘Four legs good, two legs better’.
10. 97 Taking Benjamin to one side, Clover asked the donkey to study the wall of the barn on which the seven commandments were written. What single phrase was now written in place of the seven commandments?

Written on the wall of the barn was a single message which now replaced the seven commandments:


11. 98 The day after Napoleon began to walk on two legs, the animals noticed that all of the pigs began to carry whips and even dressed in human clothing. A week later, a number of carts arrived at Animal Farm. Who had come to visit, and why? The carts brought the owners of several other local farms to visit Animal Farm. They came to inspect the farm’s working methods and enjoy dinner with the Pigs who were prepared to host them.
12. 99 Led by Clover, a number of the animals attempted to observe the goings-on in the farm house that evening. Looking in through the windows, they witnessed a number of the pigs sitting around a table with the humans. The group was drinking and enjoying a game of cards. Which member of the human contingent decided to make a speech and how did this speech end? Mr Pilkington of Foxwood made a speech in which he praised the pigs and argued that, whilst the neighbours had not always seen eye-to-eye, they were now delighted to work together and engage in trade. He completed his speech by raising a toast to ‘Animal Farm’.
13. 101 Napoleon responded to this toast very positively but wanted to correct the speaker on one point. What was this and how did Napoleon end his speech? Napoleon thanked Mr Pilkington for his kind words but wanted to correct him on one point. The farm was no longer to be called Animal Farm. Rather it was going to revert to its original name. Accordingly he ended his speech by raising a toast to ‘Manor Farm’.
14 102 As the animals watched the table, they began to find it increasingly difficult to distinguish between the pigs and the men. Finally, just as Clover began to lead the animals away, the animals heard the beginnings of an argument. What was the cause of this? The argument arose when the party began to play cards again and Napoleon and Mr Pilkington each played an ace of spades simultaneously!



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