2016 DSE Eng paper 3 B2答案

2016 DSE Eng paper 3 B2答案

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2016 DSE Eng Paper 3 B2答案

2016 Listening (Part B2) Model Answers

Task 8: Email to Ms Ip Lai Ping

Subject: Chang Yee Tak Plough

Dear Ms Ip,

Thank you for your reply.

We would like to borrow the plough for an exhibition about farming in the New Territories. As it is the only undamaged wood and iron plough from the 18th century in the world, it would be a fantastic addition to the exhibition.

With regard to safety, I can assure you that the plough would be under a glass cover to protect it. What’s more, staff would be trained to handle the plough and it would be insured while being transported and displayed. Concerning transportation, all costs would be paid by the museum and only experienced movers would be hired.

Finally, I would like to ask if it would be possible to photograph the plough to put on our new museum posters.

Thank you again for considering our request. I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Lara Gau

2016 DSE Eng Paper 3 B2答案

Task 9: Introduction to Wang Chung traditional farmhouse and village

Wang Chung traditional farmhouse and village

Historic low water levels recently uncovered this farmhouse in Wang Chung reservoir. It was then rebuilt brick by brick in the Social History Museum in 2015.

Wang Chung village disappeared under water in 1990 when the Wang Chung reservoir was built. The village was famous with tourists for its S-shaped rice fields, which were used to grow expensive pearl rice sold to people all over China. It was also well-known for its Pineapple Festival, during which pineapples were offered to the god of farming.

The farmhouse contains a kitchen cupboard which was part of a remarkable story. In 1983, Typhoon Ellen caused a great flood in Wang Chung village. Two sisters clung to the cupboard as the rest of the village flooded, floating in the water for two days while they waited for help. The girls carved a prayer to Guanyin, goddess of mercy, into the left cupboard door.

You can see the farmhouse and find out more about Wang Chung at the Social History Museum.

2016 DSE Eng Paper 3 B2答案

Task 10: Report to Museum Board

Below are reports on a number of recent problems at the museum and recommendations for how to deal with them.

On 4th April, 13 visitors were caught smoking in the museum toilets at different times. This caused the fire alarm to be triggered which led to an evacuation of the building. It is recommended that a no smoking announcement is played when visitors open the toilet door.

School groups
Concerns have been raised about whether the museum is interesting and safe for schoolchildren and whether more staff should be helping teachers and school groups. Recently, a girl fell of the plastic ox and broke her arm. It is therefore suggested that full-time staff provide assistance to school groups and that part-time staff write worksheets for the children.

There have been a number of problems with the museum signage, leading to some visitors getting lost. For example, a school group were lost in the basement at closing time. We have decided that the writing on the signs should be larger and that the signs should be much more colourful. This will help visitors to know where they are in the museum more easily.

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