【DSE 英文】Feature Article 格式 – DSE English Paper 2 English Writing Tips

【DSE 英文】Feature Article 格式 – DSE English Paper 2 English Writing Tips

DSE 英文 Paper 2 – 寫 Feature Article 要注意什麼?

  1. Aim for a semi-formal tone
  2. Use a title
  3. Use a byline
  4. Grab attention in the introduction
  5. Tell a story
  6. Vary your sentence structure
  7. Quote the experts
  8. Use indirect speech
  9. Say what you think
  10. Don’t summarise 

DSE 英文作文體材 – Feature Article 題目 1-5

      • You were recently worried that one of your friends was developing an alcohol addiction. You did a lot of research about the best way to help your friend, and have now decided to write an article to let others know what they can do if they find themselves in similar situations. 
      • Many students in your school suffer from stress. Write an article giving advice about how they can deal with this problem.
      • Your school newspaper is running a series of articles called ‘Tips Worth Sharing’ and has asked you to contribute a column. In it, you are asked to share some life advice that you believe would help your readers.  Write the article.
      • You recently had a conversation with your grandmother about how much Hong Kong has changed in the last fifty years, and have decided to write an article about the most significant changes you identified. Write the article.
      • A local newspaper has just launched this competition. Write an article to enter it.

DSE 英文作文體材 – Feature Article 題目 6-10

  • Although you know that companies like Facebook and Google are extremely popular, you are worried about some of their privacy policies and decide to write a feature article for your school newspaper sharing your concerns and telling students what to do if they feel similarly.
  • There is a growing preoccupation in society with looking beautiful. Write an article for your school magazine in which you shed light on why this is the case, whether you think it’s a positive or negative trend and what students can do about it.
  • A recent article in a newspaper argued that exams were dangerous to students’ intellectual development. Write an article disagreeing with this position.
  • You believe that some of the poorest people in Hong Kong are not given enough attention by the political, economic or educational systems and have decided to write an article to highlight this point. Write the article.
  • A recent TV show highlighted that a large number of animals are abandoned soon after they are bought. Write an article highlighting the issue and suggesting ways that individuals and society can combat the problem.

DSE 英文作文 Feature Article 表達意見時候用的實用句子

    • The government’s decision was ludicrous.
    • The behaviour of our students is usually exemplary.
    • It’s abominable that in this day and age, children are still living in poverty.
    • It’s bewildering that the government has done nothing to change the situation.
    • The way the Prime Minister has handled the situation is commendable.

DSE 英文作文 Feature Article 套用其他專家意見的時候用的實用句子

    • I hope that my experience has taught you to…
    • If you want to hear more about my adventures, then I should be posting more about them on this blog in the coming weeks
    • I don’t know what’ll happen next, but I hope that…
    • All in all, I think…
    • Here’s one last point to bear in mind…
    • So the next time you think about doing x, then consider

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