Dear Ms Chiu,
Thank you for everything. It was indeed a great pleasure to be in your class for the past three years. You have always been helping so much with my English, and I am happy to tell you that I did well in my final exam. In GE paper, I scored 94 out of a hundred. In writing, I got 74 marks, and all these earned me a total of 264 in the total English Language mark. And I am ranked first in the form.
My hard work did pay off, but I would like to say- without your help, I am not even sure if I could do so well in this final exam.
I always liked your class. You have been such a responsible and caring teacher to me, and gave me so much support and extra resources to improve areas i don’t excel in. Thank you once again.
I will not be attending class next year, since I will be going to the UK. However, I will never forget how much you have given to me. In return, if you need any help in the future, I’m more than willing to come and give a helping hand. Keep in touch!

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