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Book Report/Review 

Useful Phrases


  • Author Ian McEwan has firmly established himself as…
  • This latest novel from …’s pen is sure to surprise readers familiar with …’s earlier work
  • Most people think that teenagers don’t have the concentration to read long books.  But Rich Smith’s 2012 epic novel The Turtle and the Tortoise proves them wrong.


Summarising the plot

  • In this page-turner, readers are captivated as they follow…
  • Lewis Carroll creates suspense as he leads us on a roller-coaster ride of adventure through Alice’s imagination
  • The novel portrays the inner turmoil of…
  • The reader is caught up in the story of Harry as he…


Features of a book

  • characterization
  • plot
  • narrative voice
  • setting
  • use of imagery
  • dialogue

Talking positively

  • compelling
  • captivating
  • original
  • inspiring
  • gripping
  • fast-paced
  • mesmerising
  • impossible to put down
  • a real page-turner


Talking negatively

  • simplistic
  • uneven
  • clichéd
  • hackneyed
  • readers might have some qualms about…



  • I could not recommend this book more enthusiastically
  • … has pulled of a triumph with his latest work
  • In the opinion of this critic…
  • It’s well worth a read.
  • This novel sets the standard for all future works of [science fiction].

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