Matilda by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Three (Matilda by Roald Dahl)

CHAPTER THREE – The Hat And The Superglue.



When Mr Wormwood arrived at the second-hand car garage to start work the next morning, he had a great surprise. What was this and how did he react?

Mr Wormwood discovered that his hat was stuck to his head. Earlier that morning Matilda had secretly spread superglue around the inside of the hat before her father put it on as he went to work. Mr Wormwood couldn’t take the hat off and so had to keep it on all day hoping that his staff thought that he had meant to do this ‘like gangsters do in the films’.



When Mr Wormwood arrived home that evening, he was in a very bad mood. Matilda told him a story about ‘a boy down the road’ who had also had an accident with superglue. What had he done?

The boy had got some Superglue on his finger without realising it and then tried to pick his nose. The finger became stuck up his nostril for a week.



Later that evening, Mr wormwood discovered the worst thing about not being able to take off his hat. What was this?

Mr Wormwood discovered the worst thing about not being able to take off his hat when he went to bed. It was impossible to fall asleep as he couldn’t get comfortable on the pillow.



What does Mr Wormwood decide to do about the hat when it is still stuck to his head the following morning, and is this successful?

Mr Wormwood decides that the hat will have to be cut off. Mrs Wormwood tried her best to cut the hat off cleanly but this doesn’t prove very successful as it is necessary for her to cut off a lot of his hair in the process, leaving a bald band around his head. In addition to this, a number of ‘small patches of brown leathery stuff’ are left stuck to his forehead.

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