Matilda by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Four (Matilda by Roald Dahl)




Sometime after the ‘superglue incident’, Mr Wormwood arrived home from work in a bad mood. He turned on the television and then seemed to become angry at Matilda who was reading. What did he do to her copy of The Red Pony?

After complaining that she was reading too much, and that all American authors write ‘filth’, he started to tear the pages out of the book and throw them into the wastepaper basket.



When Matilda tells her father that he is ruining a library book, how does he respond?

Mr Wormwood doesn’t stop destroying the book and simply tells Matilda that she will have to save up her pocket money if she wanted to replace the library book.



Who were Fred and Chopper?

Fred was a six year old boy who lived just around the corner from Matilda. For some time now he had been boasting about Chopper, a blue and yellow talking parrot that his father had given him.



Matilda wants to borrow Chopper for a single night, but Fred is reluctant to let her have him. How does She persuade Fred to give Chopper to her?

She promises to give him her pocket-money for the next week.



When Matilda’s family start to hear Chopper speaking to them, they think that they are being burgled. Where has Matilda hidden Chopper to create this effect?

Matilda has hidden Chopper in the chimney.



Going to the dining room to investigate the noises, the Wormwoods each arm themselves with something. What does each one choose?

Each of the Wormwoods chose a different weapon. Mrs Wormwood grabbed a poker from the fireplace whilst Mr Wormwood grasped a golf club. Matilda’s brother held a table-lamp and Matilda clung on to the knife she had been using to eat with.



When the Wormwoods burst into the dining room they are surprised to find that no one is waiting for them in there. When they hear Chopper start to say ‘Rattle my bones’, Matilda makes a suggestion as to what could be making the noise. What was this suggestion?

Matilda tells the rest of her family that it must be a ghost who is making the noises. She also tells them that she knows the room to be haunted as she has heard the voices of ghosts in there before.

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