Matilda by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Twelve (Matilda by Roald Dahl)

CHAPTER TWELVE – The First Miracle.
94 54 ‘The Trunchbull’ tells the class that she thinks that children should be treated like flies and ‘got rid of as soon as possible’. In fact, Trunchbull has often thought about inventing a spray or sticky paper to ‘get rid of children’. What does Trunchbull tell Miss Honey is her idea of a perfect school? Trunchbull tells Miss Honey that her idea of a perfect school is ‘one that has no children in it’.
95 54-55 When Trunchbull pours a glass of water she is shocked and alarmed to see the newt appear in her glass. Trunchbull instantly blames Matilda and tells her that she will be expelled. Matilda tries to argue that she was not responsible, but a particularly nasty threat causes her to fall silent and sit down. What was the threat that Trunchbull made? The threat made by Trunchbull that made Matilda fall silent and sit down was when the headmistress told her that she would use her belt – buckle side first – to punish her.
96 56 Dahl tells his readers that suddenly ‘there began to creep over Matilda a most extraordinary and peculiar feeling. The feeling was mostly in the eyes. A kind of electricity seemed to be gathering inside them. A sense of power was brewing in those eyes of hers, a feeling of great strength was settling itself deep inside her eyes’. What did Matilda use this power to achieve? Matilda turned this power towards the glass and she willed it to tip all over Trunchbull. With a little time and determination, Matilda was indeed able to achieve this and the water, newt and all, ended up all over Trunchbull’s bosom.
97 57 After being soaked with water, Trunchbull was even angrier than before and once again blamed Matilda for knocking the glass over. Matilda and Miss Honey insisted that this was impossible as neither Matilda, nor any other student, had gone anywhere near the glass of water. Confused and angry, Trunchbull stormed out of the classroom leaving Miss Honey in charge of the children. What does Miss Honey tell the children to do whilst they wait for their parents to arrive at the school to pick them up? Miss honey tells the children that they have had ‘quite enough school for one day’, and that they should all go to the playground and wait for their parents to arrive and pick them up.

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