Matilda by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Thirteen (Matilda by Roald Dahl)

CHAPTER THIRTEEN – The Second Miracle.
98 58 Whilst the other children left the classroom and walked towards the playground, Matilda decided that she needed to confide in Miss Honey. Before telling her about what had really happened with the glass of water, Matilda asked Miss Honey if she would really be expelled. What did Miss Honey tell Matilda? Miss Honey told Matilda that it was very unlikely that she would be expelled. Most likely, according to Miss Honey, Trunchbull had just ‘got a little over-excited’.
99 59 After Matilda finally tells Miss Honey about how she had ‘willed the glass to fall over’, the teacher is quite certain that Matilda isn’t meaning to lie, but is caught up in a flight of fantasy. She decides to put an end to the matter as quickly as possible but also gently. How does she try to do this and was she successful? Convinced that she would fail, Miss Honey decides to put an end to Matilda’s flight of fantasy by asking the young girl to repeat the magical feat. Miss Honey’s plan to put an end to the matter was not at all successful, as Matilda was indeed able to repeat the magical feat at will.
100 60 When Miss Honey sees the glass topple over she is nothing short of amazed. When she looks at Matilda, she notices that the young girl seems to be very far away. Where does Matilda say that she was when asked by Miss Honey? When Miss Honey tells Matilda that she seemed so far away after performing the magical feat, Matilda tells her teacher that she shouldn’t worry because she was just ‘flying past the stars on silver wings’.

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