Matilda by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Fourteen (Matilda by Roald Dahl)

CHAPTER FOURTEEN – Miss Honey’s Cottage.
101 61 Amazed by what she had witnessed, Miss Honey asked Matilda if she would like to come home with her for tea. On the way to Miss Honey’s cottage, Matilda appears wildly excited and claims that she feels able to move anything she wants with nothing more than her mind. Miss Honey is more cautious. What reason does she give for this? Matilda is wildly excited by what she has achieved, but Miss Honey is more cautions because, she says, ‘we are dealing with the unknown’.
102 62 With Matilda wildly excited by everything which had happened that afternoon, Miss Honey decides to try and change the topic. How does she do this? Miss Honey decides to change the topic by pointing out all of the different types of trees that line their path, and helps the young girl to be able to distinguish one from the other by the shape of their leaves and the pattern of their bark.
103 63 When they finally reach Miss Honey’s tiny, red brick cottage, she tells Matilda that she always thinks of a few lines of poetry every time that she walks up the path leading to her house. What is the name of the poet who wrote this poem? Dylan Thomas wrote the poem that Miss Honey always thinks of when she walks up the path that leads to her house.
104 64 Why doesn’t Miss Honey require a key to open her front door? Miss Honey doesn’t require a key to open her front door because there is no lock to open.
105 64 Miss Honey asked Matilda to use the well to get her a glass of water. Matilda is amazed and admits that it is the first time that she has ever used a well. Matilda is especially bemused at how Miss Honey could get enough water for a bath. What does Miss Honey tell Matilda that she does instead of taking a bath? Miss Honey tells Matilda that she washes ‘standing up. I get a bucketful of water and I heat it on this little stove and I strip and wash myself all over.’
106 64 Miss Honey tells Matilda that she is very poor. What fact, about what Miss Honey serves for tea, convinces Matilda of this fact. When Miss Honey spreads margarine instead of butter on the bread, Matilda is convinced that Miss Honey must be very poor.
107 65 What does Miss Honey use instead of a table and chairs? Instead of a table and chairs Miss honey simply has three upturned boxes that she uses for the same purpose.
108 65 Whilst eating the bread and margarine prepared by Miss Honey, Matilda thinks about what she would be eating if she was at home. What would this most likely be? If Matilda was at home she would have most likely been ‘tucking into’ buttered toast with strawberry jam followed by a piece of sponge cake.

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