Matilda by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Eighteen (Matilda by Roald Dahl)

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN – The Third Miracle.
118 75 The following day was Thursday and so the class prepared themselves for their next lesson with Trunchball. What did Miss Honey tell the class that Trunchball would probably be testing them on? Miss Honey tells the class that Trunchball would most likely be testing them on their three-times table, as that is what they have been learning that week.
119 75 Trunchball picks on a young boy named Wilfred to test first of all. What does she ask him to do? Trunchball asks Wilfred to recite the three-times-table; backwards!
120 76 Trunchball continues to ask Wilfred a series of very difficult questions. What does she do to the unfortunate child when he is unable to answer the third question? Trunchball performed a trick on Wilfred and, using judo or karate, flipped the poor boy into the air before catching him by one of his ankles. She then held him upside down and continued to ask him questions.
121 77 Whilst Trunchball continued to pick on Wilfred, Nigel noticed something amazing happening at the other end of the classroom. A piece of chalk was hovering in the air, and then began to write on the blackboard. What was the first word that it wrote? The first word written by the mysterious piece of chalk was ‘Agatha’.
122 78 The mysterious piece of chalk continued to write on the board telling Agatha that it was being controlled by Magnus. What two things does it tell Agatha to give back to Jenny? The mysterious piece of chalk tells Agatha to give Jenny back her wages and her house.
123 78 In reaction to this overwhelming event, Trunchball faints and falls flat on her back. How does Nigel attempt to revive his headmistress? Nigel announces that his father has told him that the best way to revive a person who has fainted is to pour ice cold water over them. He therefore grabs Trunchball’s jug of water and tips it over her head.
124 79 The Matron is quick to arrive with a number of other people. How many people does it take to carry Trunchball to the sick-room? It took six people in total to carry Trunchball to the sick-room.

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