Matilda by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Nineteen (Matilda by Roald Dahl)

125 79 The following day, when Trunchball failed to arrive at school, Mr Trilby, the deputy head of the school, goes in search of the headmistress. When he visits Trunchball’s house he is surprised to find the front door unlocked. When he starts to investigate inside the house he discovers that everything seems to be in order. On closer inspection, however, he discovers something to his surprise. What was this? When Mr Trilby opens up the cupboards and drawers inside the house, he is surprised to find them all empty. Finally he concludes that she has run away.
126 79 On the second day after Trunchbull’s disappearance, Miss Honey received a letter. What good news did this letter deliver? This letter was from a firm of local solicitors and it informed Miss Honey that her father’s will had finally been found. It declared that the house, along with his life-savings, were to go to his daughter in the event of his death.
127 80 Trunchball’s disappearance is also good news for the school where Mr Triby now became Headmaster. Among the positive changes he made was to move Matilda up to the top form where she excelled. After a number of weeks, during which Matilda and Miss Honey became even closer friends, Matilda told her something strange had happened – she could no longer move objects with the power of her eyes. Miss Honey was not at all surprised to hear this, however. How does Miss Honey explain the loss of her powers? Miss Honey suggests that the reason why Matilda had been able to develop her ability to move objects with her eyes in the first place was because she had nothing to do in class. All of the frustration and energy created by her enormous brain kept being bottled up until Matilda learned how to shoot it out from her eyes. Things were different now, however. As Matilda had been transferred to the top form, all of the energy her brain was creating was now being used up during the lessons.
128 81 When Matilda returned home from Miss Honey’s house, she was greeted by a buzz of activity. What was going on? Her parents told her that they were all packing their suitcases and would be moving to Spain that very evening.
129 82 With this news, Matilda went straight back to Miss Honey’s house to tell her what was going on. Was Miss Honey surprised to hear this news, and why did she think it was happening? Miss Honey was not at all surprised to hear that the Wormwoods were leaving the country. She tells Matilda that it was common knowledge throughout the village that Mr Wormwood was working with a bunch of criminals. Miss Honey supposed that the police were now involved and so he was running away to Spain.
130 83 Matilda tells Miss Honey that she doesn’t want to leave with her family. On what condition does Miss Honey tell Matilda that she can live with her? Miss Honey tells Matilda that it would be ‘heaven’ to live together, but only on one condition; if Matilda’s parents agree to it.
131 84 Matilda and Miss Honey rush as quickly as they can to see the Wormwoods. They explain that Matilda would rather stay in England and ask permission for her to live with Miss Honey. What is her parent’s attitude to this question? The Wormwoods don’t seem particularly bothered about losing their daughter saying that it would be ‘one less to look after’. As Matilda and Miss Honey hug each other joyously, the Wormwoods drive away. Matilda’s brother waved to his sister out of the rear window of the car but her parents don’t even look back and just drive off.

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