The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter One

Chapter ONE
1. 1.

Which of the following did the senior partner NOT list as something he liked about Mitchell Y. McDeere?

1.      Brains

2.      He was white

3.      Good looking

4.      The right accent

5.      Married

4. The right accent
2 2 How much money in student loans did McDeere owe? $23, 000
3 3 Who is described as the ‘Grandfather of the firm’? What do you think that this term means? Oliver Lambert, the senior partner. We are told that Lambert is 61 years old and spends most of his time working around the egos of some of the richest lawyers in the country. His age, his senior position and his diplomacy dealing with these younger lawyers accounts for his nick-name.
4 5 Why did McDeere decide to go to Western Kentucky? They offered him a full scholarship to play football. Without this McDeere states that college ‘would’ve been impossible’.
5 6 Who is Abby McDeere and what is her profession? She is Mitchell McDeere’s wife and she is a primary school teacher working in a private kindergarten near Boston College.
6 9 Bendini, Lambert and Locke outline a very attractive remuneration package to McDeere which would include a BMW. What car does McDeere currently drive and would you describe it as a reliable form of transport? McDeere currently drives a Mazda hatchback which he has to jumpstart whilst saving up for a rebuilt starter motor.
7 10 Roughly how many associates are currently employed by the firm and how do you know this? 20. Mr Lambert tells McDeere that they try to keep a ratio of one partner to each associate. There are currently 20 active partners so there must be roughly 20 associates.
8 11.

Which of the following phrases would you use to describe McDeere’s step father? Tick as many as is appropriate.


1.      Considerate

2.      Violent

3.      Encouraging

4.      Supportive

5.      An Alcoholic

2 and 5
9 12 Did Abby and Mitchell make many friends among the richer and more socially connected students who lived on the Harvard Campus? No, they were snubbed by many and treated as ‘hillbillies’.
10 15 What reason does Mitchell give to Abby to explain why the firm gave their junior employees a low-interest mortgage loan? It is very important to the firm that their associates look prosperous, so they lend the money at a much lower rate than would normally be the case on the open market.

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