The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Two

Chapter TWO
11 17 Anthony Bendini, the founder of the firm, is described to have one great passion. What was this and how did it impact upon how the Firm operated? Bendini’s passion was secrecy. As a result the Firm developed a strict confidential policy which covered just about every aspect of the company. Those who broke this rule were told that they would never make partner.
12 20

Pick the two words which would best describe the group of associates to whom Mitchell was introduced when he first arrived at the Firm’s headquarters.


1.      Meek

2.      Affluent

3.      Outgoing

4.      Good looking

5.      Confident

2 and 4
13 21-22 Why does Oliver Lambert only hire old, homely and plump secretaries? It is all part of his plan to stop philandering. He tries to make the secretaries as unattractive as is reasonably possible.
14 26 Whilst sharing coffee with Abby, Kay Quinn tells her that Mitchell will be expected to work over eighty hours each week and sometimes more. What does Kay say will help Abby not mind her husband working such long hours? Kay reminds Abby how much money Mitchell will be earning and invites her to see some of the houses owned by some of the partners, a prospect which will certainly help Abby forget about the long hours Mitchell will be working.
15 27 Kay describes the Firm as a ‘family’ however Abby seems less convinced. What are her concerns about the firm after discussing it with Kay? Kay describes the firm in an affectionate manner but makes it clear that it is very demanding, on both employees and their wives. Kay seems concerned that it is too prescriptive in terms of the lifestyle they expect to be led by their employees and their families.
16 28-29 The restaurant run by Jessie and Roosevelt Francis prepares ‘traditional southern food’. What does everything have in common according to Mr. McKnight? Everything is battered and fried in animal fat.
17 31-32 Kay tells Abby that the firm doesn’t hire anyone with family money. What reason does she give for this? The firm doesn’t want its employees to be independently wealthy as this removes the financial incentive to work long hours.
18 35 Royce McKnight tells Mitchell that the company offers a very competitive pension plan. What is the one condition under which the employee would only be given the money that they paid in without the generous contributions to the plan made by the company? If the employee leaves in the first twenty years then they will only get the money which they have paid into the plan.

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