The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Four

Chapter FOUR
21 46 When Mitch and Abby arrive at their new house, Mitch isn’t very interested when the interior designer pays them a visit to discuss how they wold like their house decorated, instead he seem more preoccupied with something else. What is this? The BMW which he repeatedly takes for ‘test drives’, leaving Abby to settle the arrangements with the interior decorator.
22 47 When the McDeere’s visit the Quins, they find Kay very upset. Why is this? Kay is upset at the news that Kozinski and Hodge had been killed whilst scuba diving.
23 50 McDeere’s could not remember meeting Hodge however Lamar told him that they had something in common. What was this? They were both ‘Harvard men’.
24 54 Kozinski’s funeral was held at a Cathedral. Who read the eulogy and how might you describe it. Oliver Lambert read the eulogy and it was described as being both elegant and touching.

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