The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Five

Chapter FIVE
25 56 Royce McKnight informs Mitch that the firm always pairs an associate with a partner. On what basis is this done and what is the name of the partner paired with Mitch? The firm pairs associates and partners on the basis of compatibility to ensure a close working partnership can develop. Mitch is paired with Avery Tolleson.
26 58 When Mitch meets McKnight he is given a surprise. What is it and how does Mitch react. Mcknight informs Mitch that the company will settle his student debt. It is something which they always do for new associates. Mitch is pleased and reacts with a mixture of surprise and perhaps a little embarrassment.
27 59 What does Avery tell Mitch is the ‘quickest way to a reprimand’? To forget to bill his clients.
28 61 What rule does Avery break during lunch in the Manhattan Club with Mitch? The firm doesn’t allow drinking during lunch yet Avery orders a Bombay Martini on the rocks.
29 64 Who is Nina Huff, and for what reason does Mitch think she was never married? Nina Huff is Mitch’s new secretary. Mitch thinks that she is unattractive and overweight and thinks that this is the reason that she never got married.
30 67 Lamar tells Mitch that ‘the great firms have been built by padding files’. What does he mean by this? ‘Padding’ means to bill for more time than you actually spend working for a client. Lamar therefore means that the greatest firms have built their empires by overbilling clients.

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