The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Six

Chapter SIX
31 72

Pick the word which most closely expresses Mitch’s first impression of Nathan Locke.


1)      Shy

2)      Ignorant

3)      Melancholy

4)      Evil

5)      nonchalant

32 72 What line of business is Sonny Capps in? Sonny Caps is in the shipping industry. He built the largest towing company on the Mississippi River and now has ships all over the world.
33 75 The reader learns from a conversation between Locke, Lambert and DeVasher that the death of Kozinski and Hodge was no accident. We also learn that a third man died at the same time. Who was he and why was he murdered too? He was a native of the Cayman Islands. His death was to make the accident look more convincing.
34 79 According to Randall Dunbar, why is Real Estate Law the most important part of the bar exam? Because everything goes back to property

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