The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Seven

Chapter SEVEN  
35 84-85 Oliver Lambert called Mitch to his office to tell him two things. What were these? Firstly he invited Mitch and Abby for a luxurious nine course meal on Saturday. Secondly he reminded Mitch about the need for client confidentiality, informing him that he isn’t to discuss his client’s case with anyone, not even his wife and certainly not any other lawyers who9 might approach him.
36 90 Abby has a very pleasant conversation with one of her neighbours, Mr Rice. He tells her that Mrs Rice isn’t doing very well. What is wrong with her? Mrs Rice has cancer and doctors give her a year to live.
37 92 Who is Dutch, and how does he know that Mitch plans to stay in the office all night? Dutch is a security agent who is monitoring Mitch. The security services are monitoring Mitch’s telephone calls and learn his plans from his telephone call with his wife.
38 95 What does Abby serve Mitch for breakfast and why? Veal piccata. She had cooked it for dinner the night before but he hadn’t made it home so she reheated it for breakfast.

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