The Firm by John Grisham book summary chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

Chapter ELEVEN
46 117 Oliver Lambert gives Mitch some good news, what is this and why was Mitch feeling nervous before he learned what it was? Lambert informed Mitch that he had not only passed the Bar exam, but scored the highest mark. Mitch had been nervous as Lambert called him to a meeting attended by all of the partners and they each pretended to be about to reprimand Mitch.
47 119-120 Over lunch, Mitch is approached by Wayne Terrance who identifies himself as an FBI agent and gives Mitch three pieces of advice. What were these three pieces of advice?

1.      Never trust anyone at the firm.

2.      Every word you utter, no matter where you are, is being recorded.

3.      Money doesn’t grow on trees.

48 124 When Mitch discusses his meeting with Terrance with Locke and a number of other partners, he asks them about the deaths of Kozinski and Hodge. He is told that the firm now believed their deaths to be suspicious. Why was this? They tell Mitch that the native of the islands who was acting as the boat’s captain, and had been killed at the same time as the lawyers, had links with a drug smuggling operation. It was now thought that Kozinski and Hodge were collateral damage in a plot to kill him.
49 125 Why does DeVasher think that the FBI selected Mitch to target? Devasher suggests that this might be a change of strategy and the FBI is now targeting someone who is fresh out of college and likely to be full of ideals and ethics.

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