The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Thirteen

54 142 Avery informed Mitch that Lambert and McKnight had some concerns about him. What are these? They were concerned that Mitch was working too many hours and was in danger of neglecting his wife and ‘burning out’.
55 144 Avery and Mitch travel together to the Cayman islands. Why does Avery inform Mitch that his wife will be unable to accompany them? Wives are not permitted on work trips.
56 147 Whilst in ‘Rumheads’, Avery tells Mitch about what he would like to do when he retires. What are Avery’s plans and do you think that he is being serious? Avery tells Mitch that he would like to spend his retirement playing dominoes and darts whilst drinking Red stripe. Avery is likely caught up in the moment and not serious.
57 149 Mitch and Avery have dinner with ‘two beautiful half naked women’. What does Avery tell them about Mitch to make one of the women start to ‘drool and move closer to him’. Avery told them that Mitch had earned a fortune playing football for the Giants and had earned two super bowl rings before a knee injury had ruined his career.
58 152 Mitch meets a beautiful woman and walks along the beach with her. He is tempted to cheat on Abby. What event from college does he remember which makes him wonder if he could get away with it. Before he was married, but after he was engaged to Abby, he had cheated on her without any serious consequences whilst at college.
59 157 After their meeting with Osgood, Avery tells Mitch about an ‘unwritten rule of the office’. What is this rule, and what do you think that it means? ‘What happens away from Memphis stays away from Memphis.’ By this, Avery means that the lawyers can do whatever they want outside of Memphis, and no one will ever bring news of it back to Memphis.
60 160 When they first met, Osgood invited Mitch and Avery to join him for lunch but Avery declined saying that they both had a previous engagement. Mitch was unaware of any previous engagement but later discovered what Avery had planned. What was this? Avery had arranged to meet up with the woman he had met the night before.
61 161 When in the Georgetown Library, why does Mitch look through old editions of The Daily Caymanian for? He looks for information about the deaths of Kozinski, Hodge and their native captain.
62 161 Whilst in the library, Mitch sees something which makes him suspicious. What is this? He notices that there is a green Corvette which he thinks has been following him.
63 165 Why does Mitch want to meet Barry Abanks? Barry Abanks is the father of the native captain who was killed at the same time as Kozinski and Hodge, and Mitch hopes that he may have some more information about what happened.
64 167

Pick out the word which best describes how Barry Banks feels about the death of his son:


1)      Devastated

2)      Accepting

3)      Suspicious

4)      Relieved

3.      Suspicious

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