The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Fourteen




Mitch considered telling Abby the truth about what happened on the beach in the Cayman Islands but ‘decides to go with Plan B’. What is Plan B?

To surprise her at the school where she worked and take her out for dinner at her favourite restaurant.



Devasher meets with Oliver Lamont to give him some new information about Mitch. What is it and why does DeVasher think is its significance?

DeVasher informs Lamont that the woman who Mitch met in the Cayman Islands was in fact a prostitute, hired by the firm to ensnare Mitch. They had photographers following them who took photos of the entire event for evidence. DeVasher thinks that this now means that they ‘own Mitch’ and that he will stay loyal to the firm no matter what.

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