The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Fifteen




The friendship between Abby and Kay Quinn was still in its infancy. Select the word which best describes Abby’s approach to forming friendships:

1.      Cautious

2.      Aggressive

3.      Apathetic

4.      Unwilling

1.      Cautious



Why does Kay Quinn think that the firm is so concerned with the private lives of their employees and actively encourages their lawyers to start families with children?

Kay thinks that the company wants ‘happy lawyers with stable families’.



Mitch arranged to meet someone under an old monument to the Confederates in the middle of a local park in the middle of a sleet storm. Who did he plan to meet, and why do you think they chose quite such a secluded spot?

He had arranged to meet Eddie Lomax, the private detective. Mitch was concerned that he was being followed and bugged and so didn’t want any phone contact with Eddie, nor did he feel safe visiting Eddie at his office. This secluded spot seemed to offer them the security that they needed.



Eddie has researched the deaths of the three lawyers who died in supposedly tragic circumstances. He seems to think that all three cases were suspicious. Why in particular did he think that the death of Alice Knauss was suspicious?

She died in a car accident when a drunk driver hit her car with a stolen truck; however the driver was never found or identified. A broken bottle of Jack Daniels led the police to conclude that the driver had been drunk.



What was Eddie’s opinion of Terrance, the FBI agent?

Eddie thought that Terrance was one of the FBI’s best agents who had been transferred to the area from New York around two years previously.

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