The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Sixteen

72 190 Mitch tells Abby that he has been contacted by an old friend from Western Kentucky. How had they met and for whom was his friend now working? Rick Acklin was now working for the FBI and had apparently happened to run into Mitch by chance, but then went on to tell him that he was being followed and his house was bugged.
73 193 After Mitch tells Abby everything which he has been told by the FBI, she suggests that they hire Eddie Lomax to search their house for listening devices. Mitch tells her that he has thought of that but decided against it. Why? If Eddie found something, then Mitch didn’t know what they could do. Secondly he was concerned that Eddie might disturb or break something and alert the firm to their suspicions and their involvement of a private detective.
74 194 Abby says that she feels sorry for whoever is monitoring the conversation in their house. Why? Because Mitch is so rarely home, there is very little conversation. Most conversation is between her and their pet dog, Heresay.

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