The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Seventeen

75 195 Abby phoned her parents early Christmas morning. Why did they tell her that they were disappointed? Her parents told Abby that they were disappointed that Mitch wasn’t going to join her when she visited them later in the day.
76 196 When Mitch sets off on the Interstate 55, he stopped every sixty minutes on the hard shoulder. Why was this? He stopped to let Heresay ‘do his business’, but he also took the opportunity to see if he was being followed.
77 201 Who does Mitch hope to see at the Waffle house at midnight on Christmas day? His mother who works there.
78 204 Eddie Lomax is murdered after being hired by a desperate new client. Describe the plot used to entrap and kill him. A new client offered Lomax a great deal of money to take on a case at very short notice. Travelling to the car park of a motel, Lomax waits to take some photos on behalf of the client however it is all a set up and he is shot dead by a man waiting in a van behind his car. The supposed new client then leaves in the same van as the assassin.

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