The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Eighteen

79 206 The twenty-eighth of December is a special day in the life of the firm every year. Why? Each year, on the twenty-eighth, there is a lavish lunch party thrown on the fifth floor for all of the partners. Over lunch, each partner’s billing records is read out and compared. The total company profit is assessed and each partner is given a handsome bonus. Smaller bonuses are given to each associate.
80 210 After the celebration on the fifth floor, the partners are all in a celebratory mood following the revelation of some very good financial reports. DeVere ruins Locke’s mood, however. What news has he received? DeVere has been in contact with a man by the name of Lazarov who was sceptical that Mitch really has had no further contact with the FBI. As a precaution, he gave DeVasher orders to monitor Mitch twenty-four hours a day.
81 215 Mitch travels to Ernie’s Airport Lounge to meet someone. Who is this, and why do they want to meet Mitch He is there to meet Eddie Lomax’s secretary, Tammy Hemphill. She wanted to see Mitch as she was scared that she may be murdered by the same people as murdered Lomax. She knew that Lomax was working on Mitch’s case and thought that he could shed some light on what could have happened to him.
82 216 Tammy Hemphill and Mitch agree to stay in touch. She is to send him letters informing him about her whereabouts. As a precaution they agree on a pseudonym, Doris. How do they come up with that name? Doris was the name of Tammy’s mother so they select that name as her code name.

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