The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty
94 238 When Mitch meets Abby at the airport, he is very keen that she appears very pleased to see him, why do you think that is? He knows that they are being watched and he doesn’t want them to think that anything is wrong.
95 240 After telling Abby all about what he had been told by the FBI, Mitch outlines three options open to them. What are these and what are the drawbacks of each?

1.      They could tell the FBI that they aren’t interested. However at some point in the future they will be arrested when the FBI finally manages to infiltrate the firm.

2.      They could cooperate with the FBI, but this would mean that they would have to disappear never contact any of their friends or family and hope that the mob never manages to find them.

3.      They could just run away. Head across the border into Mexico. However Lambert may discover their plan and have the mob waiting for them to arrive in Mexico.

96 245 Why did Mitch push Terrance away from him and shout abuse at him? Terrance was concerned that they had been spotted by a ‘goon’ who was following them. Terrance therefore told Mitch to act in this way to reduce any suspicion.
97 246 After reporting the incident to Avery, Mitch asks him why the FBI keeps bothering him. What reason does Avery give him? Avery tells Mitch that it is a case of harassment and nothing more.
98 249 The partners seem satisfied by the meeting with Mitch but DeVasher is convinced that he is lying. What reasons does he give for his suspicions? DeVasher had received a report from the people he had trailing Mitch and they didn’t completely validate his story. Mitch had said that he was physically forced into the shop and then left immediately. The security agents reported that he walked in voluntarily and stayed in there for a number of minutes talking. DeVasher suspects that Mitch spotted that they were being watched and then concocted the performance to put them off the scene.
99 253 DeVasher drives Mitch to a secluded spot and gives him an envelope which he says will ‘keep him honest’. What is in the envelope and how does Mitch react? The envelope contains a number of photos of him and the girl he met in the Cayman Islands. They are very incriminating and DeVasher makes it clear that he will mail them to his wife if Mitch met with any more FBI agents. Mitch is outraged at first, demanding that he knows how DeVasher got the photos. He then begins to feel humiliated and cornered, promising to acquiesce to whatever the Firm wants.

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