The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty-One

1. 255 After the excitement and unpredictability of the last few chapters, Mitch’s routine returns to normal resulting in him being forced to eat his lunch where, on most days? At his desk.
2 256 Why did Abby now move silently around her own home and constantly feel violated? She knew that she was being monitored by the surveillance equipment which she now knew was installed throughout her house.
3 257 When Mitch discovers an envelope with the words “Photographs – Do not bend” written on it, we are told that his “heart returned with the fury of a jackhammer”. What do you think that this phrase means? His heart started beating very hard.
4 259 Devasher and Locke have very different jobs to perform at the Firm. How do they feel about each other? We are told that “The two men hated each other, and made no attempt to be cordial”.
5 260 In view of the circumstances surrounding Mitch’s contact with the FBI, we discover that “Lazarov has put a freeze on hiring”. What do you think that this means? It means that the Firm have temporarily stopped hiring new employees.
6 262 Lazarov wants to as much influence as possible over McDeere. What does he order DeVasher to do to get even more ‘leverage’? Lazarov wants Abby to get pregnant. She is currently ‘on the pill’ which is a chemical contraceptive. DeVasher thus plans to break into their house and replace the real medication with placebos, fake pills which will not prevent pregnancy.

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