The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty-Two

7 264 The leasing agent should be trying to secure a deal with Tammy, but seems less interested in doing business with her than he is in doing something else. What is preoccupying the leasing agent as he shows her the available office space? He is very attracted to Tammy who is wearing very tight and seductive clothing. He repeatedly considers how he could seduce her.
9 266 Why does Tammy tell the leasing agent that her name is Doris Greenwood? She had arranged with Mitch to use her mother’s name to prevent anyone from suspecting who she really was.
10 270 Mitch goes to great lengths to take a specific ‘greyhound’ bus. For what reason is he determined to be on this particular bus? He has arranged a secret meeting with Tarrance on the bus.
11 272 On what basis does Mitch tell Tarrance that he would be losing ‘twenty million bucks’ if he cooperated with the FBI. He argues that he would be throwing away a forty year career with an average salary of half a million dollars a year.
12 273 If Mitch works with the FBI, how long would he be required for. After recovering documents to build a case against the firm, he would be required to testify at a lengthy court case which could take years according to Tarrance.
13 274 Mitch is concerned that even after he is relocated and given a new identity, the mob will still track him down. What does he mean when he says that the mob is “worse than elephants”? It is said that an elephant never forgets.  He is therefore suggesting that the Mob have an even longer memory than an elephant.
14 279 Tarrance is very concerned about security. He gives Mitch a code number which he is instructed to use when making contact via telephone. This code number is 1-4-1-4. How does Tarrance come up with this number? Tarrance combines the number Mitch wore when playing football at high school (14) with the number he wore when playing at college (14).

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