The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty-Three

15 282 Mitch succeeds in secretly giving Tammy a batch of files to be photocopied. How is this achieved? They both take an elevator. They have matching briefcases and discreetly exchange luggage.
16 284 We know that Mitch is opposed to smoking and prohibits in his car and, when he can, in his house. Why then, at Abby’s 25th Birthday celebrations, does Mitch buy a packet of Marlboro Lights? He has been instructed to do so by Tarrance. The FBI has deposited a secret audio tape in the cigarette machine which Mitch recovers at the same time as buying the cigarettes.
17 286 When Mitch listens to the secret tape given to him by the FBI, he discovers how much money he will be compensated with if he elects to help their investigation. Is the compensation closer to what the FBI first offered him, or to what he demanded from them? The FBI had first offered him half a million dollars, but he had demanded three million dollars. Their offer of one million dollars is closer to their first offer than his initial demand.
18 289 On the tape, Tarrance makes it clear that their offer is final. The FBI would not pay a single cent more to Mitch for his help. Does Mitch believe that this is their final offer? No. He is certain that it is still negotiable and believes that they would get around twice as much for their compliance.

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