The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty-Four

19 290 Avery invites Mitch to dine with the partners. Why does Mitch at first want to make an excuse why he can’t attend? He doesn’t like the idea of dining with criminals. He also knows that they will all be studying him, trying to asses if he is still loyal.
20 292 Over lunch, the partners bring up the topic of his imminent holiday to the Cayman islands. One of the partners suggests that he learns how to scuba dive, recommending a diving lodge called ‘Rum point Divers’. What does Mitch think that this piece of advice really means? Mitch interprets this advice to mean ‘stay away from Abanks’, the father of the boat captain killed when Marty and Joe were killed.
21 295 Why does Mitch drive to the 4-55, a busy all night truck stop on the I-55? He drives there because he is due to meet Tarrance there.
22 298 Tarrance and Mitch agree on two million dollars in compensation. The first million would be paid when Mitch supplies sufficient evidence to indict the company. When will Mitch get paid the second million? Mitch would be paid the second million once he has testified against the firm for the last time.
23 298 Once the financial compensation has been agreed, Mitch makes a new demand of the FBI. What is this and why do you think he makes it? Mitch demands that the FBI arrange for his brother to get out of prison and go into hiding with him. In addition to wanting his company, Mitch is probably concerned that his brother would be an easy target for the mob, especially as he is in prison.
24 299 What are ‘sweat files’? ‘Sweat files’ are dummy files which have been around for years. They are big, heavy files which require hundreds of hours of work. They look like legitimate clients but in reality they may not be and are an effective way to bring new lawyers in to the conspiracy slowly.
25 301 At the end of chapter twenty-four, Mitch warns Tarrance that ‘it is non-negotiable’. What is he talking about when he says this? He is talking about his brother. He is warning Tarrance that this aspect of the deal cannot be altered if the FBI wants his assistance.

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