The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty-Five

26 304 Once io the Cayman Islands, Mitch found himself thinking back to his last trip there with Avery. He especially found himself thinking about the girl he had kissed. He wasn’t too worried about running into her on this occasion, however. Why was this? Mitch thought the chances of running into the girl were fairly remote. He had come to the conclusion that she had been hired by DeVasher to ensnare him, and it would therefore be unlikely that she was on the island during this visit.
27 308 Mitch travels to Cayman Brac where he meets Tarrance. Tarrance warns him that he is being watched and followed. One of the men who is on his tail is commonly known as “two-ton Tony”. Why does he have this nick-name? Two Ton Tony has this nick name because he weighs at least three hundred pounds.
28 315 Who is Keith Rock? He works as a gofer for Abanks.
29 316 The Shipwreck Bar seems unlike other bars on the island. Why is this, according to Abanks? It is used as a ‘hangout’ for wealthy drug-dealers who visit the island to inspect their property.
30 317 Tarrance arranged to meet Mitch at the only KFC franchise on the island. Why had be chosen this particular location and had he been right to do so? Tarrance had suspected the restaurant would be empty because the food served at KFC was notoriously bad on the Island. The restaurant proved to be a terrible location to meet, however, as the restaurant was full of American tourists making it hard to tell if their conversation was being monitored by anyone.

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