The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty-Seven

34 328 Abby has received some bad news which demands her immediate departure from Memphis. What is this news? Abby’s father has informed her that the doctors have identified a tumour in one of Abby’s mother’s lungs.
35 332 When Tammy approaches Avery, she calls herself Libby. How does she come up with this pseudonym? Tammy had a sister called Libby.
36 333 Once Avery is drunk, Tammy starts to drink non-alcoholic beverages. Why is this? According to the author, she has business to take care of and so must remain sober.
37 334 What does Tammy add to Avery’s drink without his knowledge? Chloral Hydrate
38 336 Tammy tells Abby that Mitch believes that lawyers have a “sixth sense”. What does this enable them to detect and what does it mean for Abby and Tammy? According to Mitch, this enables them to “almost smell if a secretary or a clerk has been in a file”. This means that they must be very careful to hide their tracks.
39 338 Who was Mr Dantley, and how does he help Abby and Tammy? Mr Dantley was the only locksmith on the island that Tammy had been able to locate, and he helped them by making replica keys to open the briefcases.
40 343 When Avery finally wakes up, it is just after 9:00am. Why does this make him jump straight out of bed? He is already late for the bank, as he was supposed to be there by 9:00am.
41 345 By the time Abby and Tammy have finished making copies of the documents they have filled eleven and a half corrugated storage boxes. Where do they conceal this evidence? They hire a man from Cayman storage to transport and store the boxes for the next three months.

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