The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Twenty-Nine

45 355 Why did Avery take the Lear jet at midnight on the morning of 10th April? He was summoned to Houston at the last moment for a meeting with Sonny Capps who threatened to go with a new tax firm.
46 359 What was the name of the restaurant in which a party was held to mark 15th April? Anderton’s Seafood restaurant
47 360 Lamar is concerned about Abby because he knows that she hasn’t set a date for her return. How does Lamar know this? He has a son who attends St. Andrew’s, the same school where Abby works. Consequentially he knows that Abby told the headmaster that she didn’t know when she would be back to work.
48 362 Who stood on a stool by the piano and led the assembled lawyers in a number of Australian drinking songs? Wally Hudson

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