The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Thirty-One

51 373 Nathan Locke usually takes three days off after 15th April to take a vacation in Vail, but this year has had his holiday cancelled by DeVasher. Who instructed DeVasher to do this? DeVasher had been instructed to cancel Locke’s holiday by Lazarov.
52 376 The Firm are very concerned about security and have a rule governing where a lawyer should keep the keys to his filing cabinets. According to DeVasher, Avery keeps his keys in his pocket during the day and hides them where at night? Under the mattress.
53 378-9 DeVasher has evidence that Avery had a woman in his bedroom whilst he was in the Cayman Islands. Despite their suspicions, DeVasher, Locke and Lambert have two reasons to conclude that she was not working with the ‘Fibbies’. What were these? First, they conclude that she wasn’t working for the FBI because her search of Avery’s files would have been illegal and the evidence inadmissible in a court of law. Secondly, they conclude that if she worked for the FBI she wouldn’t have made the telephone call from his house as it was an unprofessional move.
54 381 Ray seems irritated that Mitch hasn’t visited him more regularly over the past four months. In self-defence, Mitch points out that he has written. Roughly how many letters has he sent to Ray over this period? He has written every week for the last four months so will have written approximately sixteen times over this period.
55 382 When Mitch visits Ray in prison they talk in a mixture of English and Spanish. Why do you think they speak partially in Spanish? They are discussing Ray’s escape and do not want the guards to overhear their plans.
56 383 Who is Lee Stevens? Lee Stevens is Ray McDeere. Lee Stevens is his pseudonym once he has escaped from prison.
57 383 Who is staying at 480E, Savannah Creek Apartments in Brentwood? Abby is staying there.

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