The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Thirty-Two

58 386 When Mitch visits Avery in hospital he is told that Avery has suffered a heart attack, however what is the real reason for Avery to be in hospital and how do we know this? DeVasher told Locke and Lambert that Lazarov wanted Avery suspended from work enabling Mitch to be transferred to another partner. However, to prevent Mitch from becoming suspicious, they agreed that Avery would be told to check into the hospital under the pretence of a heart attack instead but with the same results.
59 390 The Firm offer to buy Mitch a brand new BMW to replace the one which was ‘stolen’. As usual, Mitch is asked to specify the colour. Mitch tells Lambert that he is tired of black and wants burgundy for a change. What is the real reason that Mitch is adamant that he wants this colour. Mitch has hired his own replacement car which he will have until replaced by a new BMW. Mitch knows that the new car will be bugged and so with the intention of stalling the process he visits the BMW dealership and picks out a colour which they don’t have to force them to order the car from elsewhere which will in turn delay its arrival.
60 393 Tarrance wants Mitch to get copies of the files stored in the basement of the firm, but Mitch tells him that it would be impossible for him to do so. Mitch does, however, have a plan for how they can get their hands on those documents in the long run. What is this plan? Mitch has a prodigious number of files which would secure indictments for at least half the office, but more importantly would secure a search warrant for the FBI. With this in place, they can simply walk into the office and demand to be taken into the basement to see the files themselves.
61 395 Mitch gives Tarrance the code name “Mary Alice” for Tammy. He comes up with this name based on the name of Tarrance’s date at his senior prom. Why couldn’t he use Tarrance’s mother’s name? Tarrance’s mother’s name was Doris. Mitch rejects this as a suitable codename because it is the same as Tammy’s mother’s name and the source of her codename in the outside world making it unsuitable for this purpose.

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