The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Thirty-Three

62 396 Nina asks Mitch if his law school taught him about ‘turf’. What did Mitch tell Nina to warrant this rebuke and what rule had Mitch broken? Mitch informs Nina that he will be meeting Frank Mulholland on his ‘home turf’ for the second time in a row. This breaks the ‘turf’ rule, which states that a lawyer shouldn’t give up the ‘home advantage’ in consecutive meetings.
63 400 Tammy has had to do a great deal of travelling during her work with Mitch. How much money all together does she tell him that she has spent on airfares, hotels, luggage and rental cars? $10,000
64 402 Ray’s escape seems to have been planned to the smallest detail. Who was in charge of making the specific arrangements within the prison itself and where was this person on the evening of Ray’s escape? Warden Lattemar made these plans himself and was present in one of the guard towers to ensure that all went according to plan.
65 403 Once over the wall, Ray is met by a man who introduces himself as Bud Riley. What services does Riley usually provide to the warden? Bud Riley is usually called upon to track an escaped convict with the help of his dogs. On this occasion, however, he is there to help Ray get away from the prison.

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