The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Thirty-Four

66 407 Why do you think that Director Voyles shakes his head in disbelief when he sees Tarry Ross ? Ross has been selling FBI secrets to the mob when he is intercepted by the FBI. Voyles shakes his head in disbelief because he found it hard to believe that Ross was a traitor.
67 410 Now that DeVasher has proof that Mitch has been working for the FBI, he plans to have Mitch eliminated. Outline his plan. Mitch is set to travel to the Cayman Islands the following day. There will be trouble with the private Lear Jet resulting in the plane crashing, killing Mitch in the process.
68 412 In case of an emergency, Tarrance had supplied Mitch with what he described as a Mayday code. What was this code? The code word was Judge Hugo.
69 415-6 In an attempt to escape, Mitch gives the nineteen year old shop clerk who worked in the haberdashery a large sum of money in return for his help. In total, how much money does Mitch hand over to the shop clerk? $10,500. He gives him $10,000 in return for his help in misdirecting the men who were pursuing him, and a further $500 for the clothes he bought.
70 417 Who is Rachael Jones? Rachael Jones is the pseudonym to be used by Abby when she checks in to Perdido Beach Hilton.

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