The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Thirty-Seven

76 444 The FBI had warrants ready for the arrest of Mitch, Abby and Ray. What were the crimes supposedly committed by Mitch? Obstruction of Justice, racketeering and mail fraud.
77 448 Why does the FBI contact Mr Ainsworth in their search for Mitch and Ray? What Does Ainsworth think of Mitch and Ray? Ainsworth is the step father of Mitch and Ray since he married their mother. Mr Ainsworth claims to have always thought that they were crazy.
78 450-1 Andy Patrick was the manager of The Seagull’s Rest, where Mitch was staying When the police paid him a visit and showed him a picture of the people they were looking for, Andy recognised the pictures but was uncooperative claiming not to recognise them. Why does Andy do this? Andy had been to prison as a teenager and hated the experience. He had a low opinion of the police and therefore wanted to help Mitch, Ray and Abby escape from them. He later tells Ray that he heard that he had escaped from prison and as he too had been to prison, he thought everyone should escape.

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