The Firm by John Grisham book summary

Chapter Thirty-Nine

82 465 When Andy tells Mitch that he had overheard a conversation between police officers who reported that the search for them had now been called off in this area, he noted that Mitch didn’t seem very pleased. Why was this? Mitch confided in Andy that it was now more dangerous than before. The police just wanted to arrest him, but there were others who wanted to kill him.
83 466 Andy offers to drive them out of town by concealing them in his car. How much money does Andy ask for to do this? $100, 000
84 471 When Tammy telephones Tarrance she gives him some good news and some bad news. The bad news was that the FBI had been very close to finding Mitch when they acted on a false tip-off. What was the good news? Tammy told Tarrance that he would be getting the incriminating evidence after all.
85 473 We are finally told what Mitch had earlier bought the video camera for. What was its purpose? Mitch had used the video camera to record a series of video depositions for any future court case.
86 476 Why had Ray gone to the store where he was recognised by Lamar Quinn? Ray had wanted to buy a beer. Mitch had tried to persuade him to not take any chances but Ray was adamant and walked to the store.

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