The Sound Machine A Window on the Universe Themes

The Sound Machine

  • Seems like a sinister box from the start: black, and shaped like a coffin; ambiguity about what he’s doing makes him seem like a mad professor
  • Klausner wants to tune into the natural world: envisages beauty in nature that he can’t access, and wants to find/hear it
  • Again there is the recurring theme of people who don’t believe: Mrs Saunders doesn’t believe Klausner about the roses, because she thinks he is mad; then a blurred line, because he becomes a mad axeman
  • The cruel justice of the tree breaking the machine that caused its pain, or is it just a coincidence?

Klausner becomes obsessed with the idea that the plants have human feelings and emotions (e.g. makes the doctor clean the tree’s ‘wound’ with iodine)

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