The Witches by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Two (The Witches by Roald Dahl)

Chap. 2 My Grandmother
4 6 From which country did the first witches come from? Norway.
5 7 How did the narrator’s parents die? In a car accident in Norway. Their car skidded on the icy road and went tumbling down an icy ravine.
6 12 The narrator’s grandmother tells a story about how a number of children vanished after encounters with witches. Describe how Solveg disappeared. She came home from school eating an apple which she said a nice woman had given to her. The next morning she had disappeared. Her father saw that somehow she was now a part of a painting which hung in the sitting room. From time to time she would move her position in the painting. She aged. And eventually disappeared. She couldn’t be extracted.
7 13 The second child who disappeared in the grandmother’s story was called Birgit Svenson. What did she turn into? A Chicken.
8 15 The third child who came into contact with a witch in the grandmother’s story was called Harald. What did visitors use Harald for, after he turned to stone? An umbrella stand. Visitors to his parent’s house would lean umbrellas and walking sticks up against him.
9 17 The fourth child in the grandmother’s story was a young boy called Leif who was turned into a porpoise by witches. How did Leif’s parents know that the porpoise who replaced their child whilst swimming in the fjord really was Leif? The porpoise spoke and laughed with his brothers and sisters whilst giving them all rides on his back.

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