The Witches by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Nine (The Witches by Roald Dahl)

Chap. 9 The Recipe
24 86 The first ingredient of the magic formula is the wrong end of a telescope, boiled until it is soft. Why does the Grand High Witch think that this ingredient will make anyone who eats it shrink? When one looks through the wrong end of a telescope whatever is seen appears to be shrunken. Therefore the Witch believes that, by feeding this to children, it will cause them to shrink too.
25 88

Some of the ingredients of the magic formula are very hard to find. Which two of the following items is NOT one of the ingredients used in the magic formula:

1)    The tails of forty-five brown mice

2)    The venom of four snakes

3)    One Gruntle’s egg

4)    The claw of a crrrabcrrruncher

5)    The beak of a blabbersnitch

6)    The ears of an elephant.

2) The venom of four snakes

6) The ears of an elephant

26 88 Why does the Grand High Witch include an alarm clock in the formula? The alarm clock is set for 9am the next day, and is the constituent ingredient which will cause the delayed reaction of the formula. Whatever time the alarm clock is set for, that is when the formula will take effect.
27 90 According to the Grand High Witch’s plan, every witch must be careful to make sure that each child who visits their sweet shop eats no more than one chocolate. Why is this so important? If the children get an overdose of the formula they will turn into a mouse too quickly, regardless of what time the alarm clock was set for. If this happens, especially if it happens in the witch’s sweetshop, it will give the game away.

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