The Witches by Roald Dahl Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Eighteen (The Witches by Roald Dahl)

Chap.18 In the Kitchen
38 153 What does the narrator’s grandmother order to drink before her dinner? Why do you think that she does this? She orders a dry sherry. She does this as she wants to buy time for her grandson to complete his mission.
39 158 When table fourteen send their meat back to the kitchen complaining that it is too tough, the cooks decide to add something other than gravy to the newly prepared meal. What is this? Each cook spits on the food in turn.
40 159 What did each of the witches order for their starter? They each ordered soup.
41 161 How does the narrator have part of his tail cut off? One of the chefs swung a meat cleaver at him, and chopped off the end of his tail sending him falling to the ground.
42 166 During the panic in the kitchen as the cooks tried to catch the mouse, why did one of the cooks take off his trousers? The narrator ran up his trouser leg and hid in his pants. He managed to escape out again but the cook thought that he was still in there and so took his trousers off in an attempt to find him.

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