Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Four (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER FOUR – The Audiovisual
20 18 Albom tells his readers that he had lost contact with Morrie and did not know about his illness. How did he find out about it? Albom discovered about his former professor’s illness when it was featured on ‘Nightline’, a weekly television show hosted by Ted Koppel on ABC-TV.
21 20 Before agreeing to be featured on ‘Nightline’, Morrie insisted upon asking Ted Koppel, the show’s presenter, two questions. What were these? Morrie asked Koppel two questions before agreeing to be featured on Nightline. The first of these was ‘Tell me something close to your heart’. The second was ‘Tell me something about your faith’.
22 21 How many times had Albom seen ‘Nightline’ before agreeing to feature on the show, and what opinion had he formed of the show’s host, Koppel? Albom had only seen the show twice. Based on these occasions he had thought that Koppel, the show’s host, was a narcissist.
23 21 During the interview for ‘Nightline’, Morrie told Koppel that he had decided to live through the disease in the best way that he could. What characterised how Morrie tried to live what remained of his life? Four things characterised how Morrie tried to live with the illness: dignity, courage, humour composure.
24 22 During the interview, the two discussed many different topics. One of these topics was Morrie’s increased dependency on other people. At this point, Morrie felt the need to ask Koppel’s permission before revealing a fact to the camera. Despite the potentially shocking nature of what Morrie had to say, Koppel gave him permission. What was this fact? Morrie told the audience of Nightline that ‘one day soon, someone’s gonna have to wipe my ass’.

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